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When it comes to play time, in my house, that can be anytime of the day or even night if you ask my preschooler. With that said, I find that when I seek out the toys and activities for my kids to engage with, I like to seek out their favorite characters and the products that they enjoy playing with. The thing is, like many, when it comes to seeking out those items, I might not have the time to run around to find those items that are great for adding to my kids collection of toys. So when we were introduced to the play time box that comes with a monthly subscription service from, we were all very curious to see what would arrive and I was curious to see what the kids thought of what was inside.

When our box arrived, we saw that it arrived in Disney Princess style, which is right up mine and my daughter’s alley! This particular box is part of the Disney Princess subscription service that they offer, and with our box we were excited to see that it was all about Tangled! The selection included a fun Tangled wand, a set of the Tangled collectible figures like the ones my kids enjoy collecting and playing with, a Tangled art binder with activities and colors inside, a Tangled activity book, and even a cardboard castle that the kids can put together and color to put their Tangled figures in as they play!

Then when it comes to what we all thought of this subscription box after checking all of the goodies out, I have to say from a parent’s perspective, I like the assortment. It offers a variety of activities and toys that can help to keep those imaginations going and keep play time fun for the kids. From a kid’s perspective, well first off, toys with their favorite characters and activities delivered each month is a huge plus. Second, even after they color the castle and go through the various activities, they can continue to play with the toys and even the castle. Which in my opinion, makes the choice to get the monthly play subscription boxes from a great choice to go with when seeking out a ways to mix up the fun each month!

Product received, thank you to as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

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