Summer Fun with BabyTime! Skin Care Products

When it comes to the summer, we find that many of us enjoy taking the family outdoors to explore and enjoy the time together. And like many, I like to ensure that when we head out, that we have the proper protective products on hand like the sunblock and bug repellents. So when we were sent a selection of products from the BabyTime! line up, I was excited for Heather to check them out and share her thoughts with our readers. You can read Heather’s review below.

We were sent 3 BabyTime! products to test out and review, Active Repair, Mighty Shield, and Sunny Sunscreen. The Active Repair is an eczema cream with a skin protectant. I was excited to try this on my son Aiden, as he was just recently diagnosed with eczema on his feet. The affected areas are at the tips of his big toes and where his toes meet his foot and found that they were severely cracked and bleeding, making it so that it hurt for him to walk at times. We applied this and then put socks over his feet so it didn’t rub off and within a few days his feet where much better. Due to these positive results, we have continued to apply once a day to keep them healed and help prevent future issues with the cracking on the toes.

Additional features are:
Ages: Timeless for all ages, 0 – 150 years
Uses: Nourishing, skin barrier protectant for eczema, severely dry or  cracked skin
Benefits:  Helps actively repair cracked, itching and oozing skin  associated with rashes, eczema, poison ivy, oak, and insect bites.
Safety: OTC grade ointment made with solar power in a pharmaceutical  grade lab Smells Like: Refreshing and cool, medicinal- like tea tree, familiar
Feels Like: Relief, like sitting under a tree on a blazing summer day Ingredients: Calendula, ceramides, coconut oil, tea tree & zinc

With the Might Shield bug repellent lotion, I really like that it is easy to apply and that it is also very effective at keeping the bugs away. I have found this to be a daily use product, and I like to apply this to little Zoey along with our other kids before we go out on our nightly walks. Now that it is summer, the mosquitoes are out like wild fire in the evenings, and I like that the bugs don’t come near us when we have this product applied to the kids. This allows me to feel safe taking little Zoey out knowing she won’t get eaten alive by bugs and mosquitoes., and I really like that this is a lotion and not a spray. I say this because when applying,  we don’t have to worry about accidentally getting in her eyes or mouth. I also like that this bug repellent has a nice light smell that isn’t over powering like others we have used in the past, and I like that you can even apply sunscreen over this for added protection.

Additional features:
Ages: Timeless for all ages, 0 – 150 years
Uses: Keep little bugs & critters away
Benefits: Natural effectiveness of 20% DEET Safety: Doctor developed, check under 6mo
Smells Like: Invigorating, like a jungle breeze

Then with the Sunny Sunscreen, I can appreciate that it is unscented, which is a nice change. It is easy to apply and soaks right into skin without leaving any residue behind. As with any sunscreen, you need to reapply every 80 minutes after  swimming or 2 hours in the sun to keep baby protected and safe from burns. We have been using this each time we head out on our lake tours and park trips and I really like that we have not gotten one sunburn, making this a sunblock that does the job without any strong scents added. And for anyone with a gluten intolerance, this is for you as it is also gluten free.

Some additional features are:
Ages: Timeless for all ages, 0 – 150 years
Uses: UVA/UVB protection, water resistant 80 mins
Benefits: Moisturizing, transparent, balancing
Safety: Doctor developed, EWG top safety rated
Smells Like: Unscented, like fresh air
Feels Like: Cooling, safe, hydrating
Ingredients: Organic green tea + zinc

I have found that after trying the products from BabyTime!, that I would recommend any of these products to anyone as they can be used  from babies to adults. They are easy to apply and smell light and refreshing. The best part is these are made with all natural ingredients  and no harsh chemicals that can be toxic to our skin. So before you head out this summer, be sure to pick up some products from the BabyTime! line up!

Product received, thank you to BabyTime! as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

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    July 12, 2017 / 11:55 pm

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