Give Mom the Gift of Story Telling with Story Worth this Mother's Day

This post is sponsored and written by me on behalf of Story Worth through a campaign managed by their PR. All opinions are my own.

When it comes to being a parent, whether we are just starting out on our journey or if we are a veteran, we find that there are so many stories that we can tell. We can look back at the previous week, month, year or even years and remember those moments that warm our hearts and are worth telling over and over again. Like many parents, I find that I like to capture those moments with photos, but as the years go by, we might find that those photos do not do justice, leaving important parts of the story behind that the photo out. So when I was introduced to Story Worth, I was very curious to learn more about how it works, and also add Story Worth to my list of must have gifts to give mom this Mother’s Day!

See with Story Worth, you can give mom a gift that has more meaning behind it than you might find with other gifts you can come across. I say this because with Story Worth, you give mom the chance to write her story, giving her a chance to reminisce or write those stories that are in the making, that you can then look back on and share. Which gives mom a meaningful gift, that is in her words, that is bound and made into a very beautiful keepsake book.

To get started with creating the book with Story Worth, you can purchase the package for mom. From there, the people from Story Worth will send mom questions you might not have ever asked, like who was her first crush, tell stories about old friends and relatives and more. And each week after receiving the questions, mom can then submit her answers, record them, as well as add photos that might go with the story behind the answers. Then after a year of filling in the blanks with the stories that mom has told, the book will be put together, bound, and sent to mom to share and cherish as a beautiful keepsake filled with precious memories! Making Story Worth a gift that is so much more than just a gift, but a way to capture and forever cherish the memories mom holds!

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  1. 1AlwaysNYC 1
    June 16, 2017 / 5:30 pm

    I've seen similar books in Hallmark but the fact that this one is published, with photos, makes it more special.

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