Newborn Essentials: Smarttemp Bluetooth Thermometer

When your baby isn’t feeling well, every parent will tell you how difficult it can be to take babies temperature. They get all wiggly and start fussing which makes it incredibly difficult to get an accurate temp. So having a thermometer that offers a hands free way of taking temps is ideal, and that is what we get with the Smarttemp Bluetooth Thermometer from Infattech that we were sent for review. 

This Smarttemp Bluetooth Thermometer will stay securely in place for up to 24 hours before you have to replace the adhesive. You can get a temp reading right on your phone whenever you need it without disturbing baby. We all know how hard it is to get any sleep when baby is sick. The worry alone is overwhelming. You put your hand on babies forehead and hope your guesswork is right. You do this because getting out the old thermometer and getting an accurate reading is virtually impossible and most assuredly going to wake up baby. It was hard enough to get him or her to sleep and now you have to wake em’ up. Not a good idea and will most certainly lead to more hours of fuss and no sleep. 

Using this Smart Temp Bluetooth thermometer will eliminate all of that. You will get an accurate reading whenever you want one. You won’t have to wake up baby. You can track babies temperature so you can show the doctor if necessary. You can even get fever alerts should that temperature spike.  Then with the extra feature,you can set reminders for medicine. I know babies don’t generally take meds which makes those instances when they do pretty easy to forget. This device will eliminate that schedule problem for you and your baby can take the medicine as prescribed on time, every time.  This is one of those must have items. The battery has a 3 year battery life and the batteries are in a sealed compartment to keep baby from finding them.  It’s also 100% waterproof. I highly recommend this. I could not possibly recommend it more. You will not regret this purchase and when you get one for your baby, you will simply love the peace of mind. 

Review by Heather

Product received, thank you to Infanttech as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

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