4 Things to Think About Before Two Becomes Three

Having a baby is not always a conscious decision because fate sometimes takes matters into its own hands, but if you do have the time to plan ahead, there is a lot to think about before you start trying for a baby. Lots of people bring a baby into the world for all the wrong reasons: to save a relationship, because they want someone to love them unconditionally, or because they are careless.

Having a baby is a life-changing event and not a decision you should ever take lightly. So before you start making a date in your diary for some ‘special time’ with the father-to-be, here are four things you need to think about first.

Can You Afford to Have a Baby?

Babies are expensive. It costs (on average) around£230k to raise a child to adulthood. This is not a trivial sum of money! If your partner has a good job and you can afford to take a leave of absence from your career/job, it won’t be an issue. Unfortunately, for many parents-to-be, taking a cut in income can be a daunting prospect, so it is essential that you do figure out how much maternity pay you can expect to receive and how much child care will cost once you do go back to work.

Diet and Lifestyle

What is your diet like? Babies need a lot of nourishment in the womb, so you should start taking vitamin supplements well before you try for a baby. Folic acid in particular is very important in the early stages of pregnancy.

A party lifestyle is not conducive to pregnancy. Firstly, you won’t have the energy to be up all night pulling moves on the dancefloor, and secondly, alcohol is a big no-no in pregnancy. Think carefully about your lifestyle and whether you are willing to give up three holidays a year and that nifty little sports coupe you have parked on the drive. Becoming a parent will mean compromise. Are you ready for that?

Is Your Home Large Enough for a Third Person?

Living in a cosy one bedroom flat with your partner might be bliss when you are all loved up, but once a baby comes along it will start to feel extremely claustrophobic. Start looking at bigger places to see what you can afford. An estate agent Plymouth should be able to advise you on property prices inyour local area. Moving home before the baby comes along is better than waiting until you have a baby to juggle, plus you can have the nursery ready and waiting.

Is Your Relationship Strong Enough?

It might sound like a daft question, but babies test relationships to the limit and if there are any cracks already appearing, introducing a baby into the mix could spell the death knell for your relationship.

None of these things will matter if your biological clock is ticking loudly and you want to be a mother. However, don’t rush into the process because you will enjoy it a lot more if you wait until you are ready to be a mum.

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  1. Rose-Marie
    April 8, 2016 / 2:30 pm

    These are good comments. I think sometimes young people especially can romanticize what it would be like to have and take care of a baby, but the reality has many serious things to consider.

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