Making Waves with The Toyota Effect

In our lives, we not only come across many people who touch our lives,
but we also find that we end up touching the lives of others. For myself, I
have always enjoyed being there for others, in their brightest times and even
in the darkest times, and with that passion I found myself going into the field
of nursing. With nursing, I found that being able to make others feel better
when they were sick, or when they were unable to help themselves, was my
calling. And even though I have gone away from nursing, I still enjoy providing
comfort and care for those who need it most

Shortly after I had my second child, I went from working in a
hospital setting to doing home health. With the change, I found that it allowed
me to be home more to take care of my son who had medical issues, but it also
let me continue with my passion of helping others. I also found that with the
home health setting, I was able to help my patients in a more comfortable
environment for them. I learned that with home health, I was more than just a
health care worker, but a friend to most of my patients

The difference was almost like night and day. Going from where I worked
on a set schedule, going with the various assignments in whichever unit I was
needed most and assigned to. I enjoyed doing so for several years, and with
that, I enjoyed the fact that I was able to help and take care of so many
different people from different walks of life. I found myself in the homes of
my patients, helping them with their various needs, and providing the care in an
environment where they felt most comfortable. Making the career choice I had
made at the time was rewarding on many levels since I was able to se
and experience the
nursing field from different perspectives.   

With that passion, I enjoy
finding others and companies who share a similar passion, and support others by
sharing. And one company that really strives to make a difference when it comes
to helping others and joining in when it comes to supporting the passion of
those who help is Toyota

To most, Toyota is a car company, but to many others who have seen and
know the company from a more
 personal level, know that Toyota is more than just a car company. They
are a company with a passion, a passion for helping our communities and
supporting those with a passion to do more and help more! Their outreach is
what is known as 
The Toyota Effect, and the effect is one that
makes ripples into waves. 

With The Toyota Effect, you have a company who is well known, and a company
who not just reaches out to help others, but does it in only a way that Toyota
knows how to, by giving their all to support the causes of others! Toyota
partnered with filmmakers to create a series of short films and document the
waves as they are being made, to build awareness and share the stories like the effect you can see with the UCLA Harbor Clinic Film that was created by the Toyota Production System. Showing how the UCLA Harbor Clinic aims to reach people and save the eyesight of as many people as they can with their tools and expertise, and how Toyota has helped them reach more and become more productive in their outreach. 

The Toyota Effect is more than just an outreach, it is a passion, like the passion that is seen in
nurses, social workers, and those who care about their communities 
and who are there for those
in need when they are needed most!

This post was created in partnership with Toyota. All opinions expressed in the post are
my own and not those of Toyota.

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