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The season of giving is upon us and like so many parents out there, I have been seeking out those must have gifts for the kids. For my family, one thing that all of my kids enjoy and look forward to is playing games on our family game nights. So when we were given the chance to not only review some of the new hot games from Wonder Forge for this years holiday season but also do a tour at the place where imagination comes to life, we were very excited!

Over the years we have found that with the games from the Wonder Forge line, they tend to grow with our family, giving us games for our preschoolers on up to our older kids and even for the adults to play! And to get started on our adventures at the Wonder Forge facility we were introduced to the The Good Dinosaur Roaring River Game!

This game is one that is perfect for adding to any family game night, allowing you to enjoy the game that reminds us of that new hit movie, The Good Dinosaur as you play to avoid the rising flood waters!

Another fun game that is perfect for the holiday season is the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Galaxy Hunt, which is one that the Star Wars fans on your lists are sure to love! With this game you have to pull out allied ships, all while being careful not to pull one that can cause the game to come to a end when the arm pops and knocks all of the pieces out!

With the Peanuts Flying Ace Game, we found that this game is one that is a fun one for the whole family to enjoy, and one that has that iconic character, Snoopy flying through the skies! You find Snoopy going after the Red Baron as he goes to the skies as the Flying Ace! They fly around the Eiffel Tower, and in order to win you must be the one to pick up the most tiles!

For the family game night that can take over our living room and turn it into a journey through time we were introduced to the Journey Through Time Eye Found It! Game! This is a fun board game that stretches up to 6 feet when the pieces are laid out, and offers a learning adventure through each of the levels, starting in prehistoric times and journeying on up through the past to the future. Taking players in a race against time to get to the end before the Timecraft runs out of fuel!

Then when it came to the show stopper for the kids on which products took it for them, they found the Disney Imagicademy line of products, which were a line that we all agreed were going to be a must have for this holiday season!

With this selection of products we found everything from activity books that are unlike any others we have ever encountered, to games and even a movie maker studio which takes the imagination to a whole new level! I mean, with the Activity books, we received not only a set of books that featured some of those iconic Disney characters in them as they took the kids through fun and engaging activities, but the activities are more of a hands on experimentation and exploration set of activities that engage the kids in a way that is fun all while they are learning!

With the Disney Imagicademy Make It and Play Creative Clay Games, we were able to create our own playing pieces from a selection of characters using the clay that is included. Once we had our pieces, we were then able to engage in challenges that we could play together or that the kids could even play alone if they chose to. There are 20 logic puzzles and games that are included, allowing the kids to enjoy hours of creative fun!

Then when it comes to a hands down on the hottest toy my kids have come across this holiday season, they all agree that the Disney Imagicademy Storymation Studio Stop Motion Movie Kit takes the cake! I mean, with this product, you get a stage, backdrops, characters, along with clay to create more characters so your kids can set the stage to film their own movies!

They can do so by downloading the free and easy to use, Storymation Studio Animation App. Once the app is running, the magic begins as they move their characters and take lots of stills through each movement. The pics can be taken by either pressing the button or by clapping, allowing the kids to watch as they create their movie. Once they have completed their masterpiece, they can play back the movie they created then have parents save it so they can share it with family and friends!

We found these along with the matching games, the fun Myth Buster games and more from the Wonder Forge line, to not only be great for playing on family movie night, but also to be a great selection to buy when shopping for those perfect gifts to give this holiday season! So if you are seeking out fun and exciting games and more for the entire family to enjoy, be sure to add Wonder Forge to your lists for holiday shopping!

Product received, thank you to Wonder Forge as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Tamra Phelps
    December 10, 2015 / 8:48 pm

    My youngest nephew is 6 & I bet he would enjoy the games here, especially the Snoopy one. Wonder Forge makes a lot of games he loves.

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