#Giveaway $500 Justice Gift Card + More with Sweepo.com

The back to school shopping season can be quite stressful, between the lists that have to be taken care of, the clothes the kids want and need to the activities we sign them up for and have to purchase equipment and uniforms for, we find that the stress not only gets to us, but also to our wallets. So like others out there, I seek out ways to decrease that stress on the wallet which then eases the stress we put on ourselves as well, by looking for deals, coupons, giveaways and those sweeps that are out there.

Recently I was not only introduced to an amazing sweeps site, but one that gives you games so you can win gift cards and more, to help with those expenses like the back to school shopping. The site is called Sweepo.com, and right now they are giving my readers 500 free draws to their amazing selection of sweeps they have going. To get your free draws and to enter the giveaways like the one for the $500 Justice Gift Card and more use code MOMMYKATIE But hurry and enter now because the free code for 500 draws will end on August 31st!

Here is a list of the Giveaways they have on their site for my readers to enter:

Justice Store Gift Card –  http://sweepo.com/free-giveaways/2776/justice-gift-card
Babies-r-us-Gift Card- http://sweepo.com/free-giveaways/709/babies-r-us-gift-card
Gap Kids Gift Card – http://sweepo.com/free-giveaways/718/gap-gift-card Toys-r-us Gift Card – http://sweepo.com/free-giveaways/733/toys-r-us-gift-card
Old Nave Kids Gift Card –  http://sweepo.com/free-giveaways/724/old-navy-gift-card

To start winning just click on any of the links and enter your free activation pin: MOMMYKATIE 

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