Ending Our Summer Right with Little Tikes

It’s hard to believe that our summer will be coming to an
end soon, and as a parent, I want to be sure that even with those long summer
days coming to an end, that my kids will still enjoy the time they get outside.
Like many parents when it comes to making sure that the kids enjoy their
outdoor play time I like to have toys on hand that will encourage that
imaginative play, and one company that we have adored over the years and have
turned to when it comes to encouraging imaginative outdoor play is LittleTikes.

I like the selection of toys we can get when we shop the
Little Tikes line, from the toys that are great for giving to baby to encourage
that development, to the toys that are suited for toddlers on up, which
encourage that fun and imaginative role play! So when we were sent a selection
of toys to review to help with encouraging that role play and those little
imaginations when the kids are outside from Little Tikes, we were excited to
get them set up so the kids could enjoy them and end the summer right!

When our Little Tikes toys arrived, we had to literally set
them up right away because when the kids saw the toys, they were ecstatic to
start playing with them. To get started, we first set up the very fun and
adorable, Cape Cottage Playhouse for the kids.

From a parents perspective, I must say that the setup of the
playhouse was very simple and not what I had expected. I mean, when I thought of
a playhouse I thought of complicated parts and pieces that would require a bit
of time to put together, and once we took everything out of the box and started
placing the pieces together, we found that they went together easily and we
were able to have the playhouse up and ready in the matter of minutes so the
kids could start playing right away!

With the Cape Cottage Playhouse from Little Tikes, the kids
found that they could enjoy hours of role playing imaginative fun while out in
their little playhouse! They really like that they can use both the front doors
and the back doors, giving them two ways to get in and out of their little
playhouse! Another thing that the kids like is that the window shutters are
easy to open and close, and when the mail comes, they can put mail in the mail
slot that is on this fun playhouse!

Then when it comes to those outdoor cookouts, the kids can
join in and cook up some dishes for their friends when they entertain from
their Cape Cottage Playhouse. Allowing them to grill some fun play food from
their Sizzle and Serve Grill!

The kids have found this little grill to make for a great
accessory to add to their playhouse and place outside of their cottage. They
also like that it is easy to move around the yard by holding the handle and
rolling it along behind them. Another fun thing that the kids really like is
that their Sizzle and Serve Grill looks a lot like daddies grill and the foods
that they can cook up and serve on their grill is similar to the foods that we
might cook up during our cookouts with friends. Allowing the kids to enjoy some
role play fun when they head outside to play in their playhouse and cook up
some grilled foods from their grill from the Little Tikes collection!

In all, making the outdoor toys we can find from Little
Tikes a great selection to not only end our summer right, but also a great
selection for the kids to play with when they head outside to play at any time
of the year!

Product received, thank you to Little Tikes as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Fiddlin' Dandi
    August 22, 2015 / 10:34 am

    My son would love to have a play house like this in our backyard.

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