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Tomorrow is the big day, the day that we celebrate our loved ones, share those moments with our
significant others, and shower one another with flowers, stuffed bears, and chocolate! This day is one that we prepare for, and get excited for, but for many it is a day where they feel left out. Because when we share those dates, gifts and moments with the world on our social networks, our single friends, suffer.

I can remember before I was married, dreading Valentines Day. It was a day, that if I did not have a date or a boyfriend, I wanted to avoid the day entirely, because I knew that everyone else I knew, who were in relationships, were going to be celebrating their love and togetherness, while I was alone. So when I celebrate Valentines Day, I do remember those times where I did not have someone to celebrate with, and I do keep my single friends in mind by trying to help them by “hooking them up” with other single friends so we can all enjoy the day.

When we play matchmaker, we find joy in seeing friends, people we care about, finding that happiness in their lives. But with today’s world, where finding the time to meet up, or where those blind dates are more nerve racking than others, having a way to introduce those friends to one another can be easier said than done. Well, to help us when it comes to making those matches, and allowing our friends to flirt, meet up and even go over the list of potential matches, I was introduced to the new app called Spark Starter. The Spark Starter App was created by a man, who through friends on Facebook, was introduced to his now wife.

With Spark Starter, we can play that matchmaker. Guiding cupid’s arrow in the right direction, and all have fun during the process! The Spark Starter App is one that is easy to download, and once you are on, finding those matches is also easy. Once on, you link it to Facebook, where the fun then begins, because you can start making matches with friends of friends, get those interests, and find a match! It is unlike any other dating apps out there, because when friends sign up and start searching those potential matches, they can be rated and helped along by taking the advice of friends through the voting.

Making the Spark Starter App, the app to have if you are single, and one to get and share with your single friends if you are in a relationship! All while making the matchmaking experience, a fun and enjoyable one for everyone!

You can download Spark Starter by going here:

​iOS link:

Android​ link:

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Spark Starter.

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  1. Fiddlin' Dandi
    February 26, 2015 / 12:39 pm

    I have some friends that could really benefit from something like this!

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