Soften Your Space Using Natural Elements

You waited for years until the kids were a little older to redecorate just so you could create the look you dreamed about without toys being everywhere in the picture! You were always drawn to the bold contemporary look, and you probably used magazines for inspiration. However, now you look around, and just feel like the space is harsh. It is beautiful, but it has lost its cozy, welcoming, and comforting vibe that you have always loved. Well, this is actually a super easy fix! Adding a natural element to the room will change the feel without compromising the look.


Obviously, the easiest way to add natural beauty to your home is with plants, and you can never have too many of them. Just remember that if you choose any poisonous varieties that they are kept up high, and out-of-reach of children and pets. Staghorn ferns add a whimsical element to your space and really thrive in humid conditions. Do you not have the greatest track record with plants? Choose varieties that require minimal care. The areca palm, fiddle-leaf fig, rubber tree, jade, and spider plant are a few examples. Of course, you cannot go wrong with a simple cactus either.

Indoor Water Features

The sound of cascading water is all you need to make the room more inviting. However, the sound is only the beginning. The visual display of indoor water features is unparalleled in bringing a little tranquility to a space.  Websites like has them in floor, wall, and tabletop varieties, so there is something for everyone.

Natural Materials

Wood furniture that looks like it was just carved out of a tree stump definitely brings a natural look to the environment it occupies. However, weathered wood, bamboo, cork, rocks, slate, and exposed brick have this effect, too. You could always go with a fountain made of slate, so you essentially end up incorporating two elements on this list at once.


Living species are about as natural as you are going to get, and aquariums add softness primarily because of the movement of the fish. It is very soothing and inspiring to watch fish swimming and playing. It is also proven to be very soothing to hyper children. There are actually aquariums available that mount right on the wall, so there is very little risk of them getting bumped. This is also ideal if you have other pets in the home that may be a little too interested in the fish.

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  1. lil_lady_dz
    January 21, 2015 / 4:15 am

    Plants are always a great way to add natural elements to the home, especially flowers. Love this idea!

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