How Doing Crafts Benefits Home Schoolers

Arts and crafts time brings great benefits to the homeschool
day. Working in different media to bring
art projects to life
improves coordination, refines motor skills, aids
self-expression and supports creativity. There are other perks, as well. Craft
time may provide a welcome break from other routines.

Building Proficiency

Kids’ crafts offer many opportunities to strengthen the
relationship between the brain and the hands. Gluing button eyes on a puppet,
blanket stitching the edges of a pillow or applying sparkle to an ornament are
all activities that demand mental concentration and some level of physical
precision. Often these crafts are repetitive, in that a child must do the same
thing over and again until the project is finished. Proficiency builds with


Young children tend to be visually oriented. Crafts are a
good way to help kids communicate and create in a non-verbal way. Making
pictures, constructing shapes and combining different objects are another
manner of speaking about the world, and a highly individual one.

Supports Creativity

The imagination is a
powerful tool
. Powerful, too, is the moment when a child completes a craft
project that only existed previously as an idea. In many ways, crafts bring
many of the other lessons of a homeschool curriculum together. Math, natural
science, ecology and other studies weave into art to create unique concrete

Socially Interactive

Making a craft together may be a bonding experience between
an adult and a child, or among several children. Doing a craft requires sharing
materials, time and a creative experience. Making art in a homeschool setting
provides a bridge between the intimacy of home and the structure of a learning
curriculum. On the flip side, doing a craft may also be a way to get some
valuable alone time.

What to Stock in the
Craft Pantry

It is not necessary to buy out the art supply store to have
enough materials at home for craft time. In fact, some of the best stuff may be
found throughout the house – in the kitchen, the sewing box or the laundry
room, for example. Here is a starter list of basics:

Construction paper


Glue Sticks

Liquid Glue

Colored Pencils


Paint Kit


Buttons, String, Yarn

Stuff from the world – leaves, shells, twigs,

One of the benefits
of home schooling is also one
of its challenges
, and that is the freedom to build your own day. Every
moment is a 
chance to grow and to learn. Craft time offers an
opportunity to weave lessons together with the imagination while providing an
enjoyable space for social interaction and creative expression.

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  1. Janet W.
    January 4, 2015 / 10:36 am

    Doing crafts helps all children, especially with creativity!

  2. Fiddlin' Dandi
    January 5, 2015 / 11:47 am

    I'm am doing preschool with my son and he loves doing crafts!

  3. SAPsMaMa
    January 7, 2015 / 1:57 pm

    I do crafts all the time and sell them, mostly things like sewing, painting wood, needle and wet felting etc., she loves to watch! My daughter really loves arts and crafts but we do not get much time for it, part of the new years changes to our curriculum is a set art and music day each week. She does art all the time with free drawing daily and access to art tools all the time but that doesn't teach her skills or understanding of art…I"m looking forward to seeing where this leads us! Art is wonderful and so is creativity 🙂

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