Dolphin Tale 2 on Blu-Ray

Like many out there, my family and I were touched and fell in love with Winter from Dolphin Tale! The story is of a dolphin, who finds that she is trapped in a crab trap. This leads to her having to loose her tail, and in her time of dismay, Winter finds friendship in a boy, who finds that if Winter can get a prosthetic tail, she can once again swim! This is a movie that we have adored and have watched many times, so when we were sent the new movie, Dolphin Tale 2 to review, we were excited to add it to our family movie night!

In this movie, you find Winter and the rest of the team who fought to save her, back and once again in a fight to save Winter. Winter’s surrogate mother passes away, leaving Winter alone, and according to regulations, dolphins have to be paired with other dolphins since they are social creatures. The team go on a search, and find Hope! You can find out what happens by heading out today to bring Dolphin Tale 2 home to share with your family!!

Product received, thank you to Warner Bros and the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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