Taking care of Children – the World’s Children’s Charities

The children that we’re raising today are going to be responsible for the planet in the future; they are exceptionally important in that respect.  But they’re also important as individuals in their own right.  All too often they suffer as a result of the actions of adults and they don’t have a voice when they need one.  This is where the world’s children’s charities come in.  

If it wasn’t for the exceptional work of all of the children’s charities there would be a lot more youngsters suffering in the world, and many more deaths; it’s a sad fact but it’s true.  The work these charities do is amazing. 


Currently heavily involved in protecting the children of South Sudan, UNICEF as an organisation does vital work in protecting and feeding children all over the world including Gaza and Iraq. UNICEF give its staff the opportunity to volunteer abroad and really make a difference in these kids lives.  Yes, they may still have a lot of difficulties to contend with, but they also have time to laugh with friends and maybe to go to school and learn.  UNICEF as a power in a crisis situation has a strength which is created by the donations of people around the world.  

World Vision

For people who want to get involved with their work World Vision provide the opportunity to sponsor a child.  The money from the sponsorship goes towards important parts of a child’s life and development for the future, such as the provision of clean water and access to education. World Vision as an organisation provides assistance when there is an emergency situation and continues within the community to provide ongoing solutions for recovery.
Save the Children

This organisation is all about protecting children and giving them a voice by protecting their rights.  It works in areas around the world to try and ensure that children have a secure future ahead of them.  The organisation currently runs the “Every One” campaign which was set up to reduce the amount of children born only to die and to reduce the amount of women who die in childbirth.  As an organisation Save the Children exists to try and make sure as many children as possible survive and to protect the rights of, and advocate for, those who do.

Children need someone to be there for them 

On their own children don’t always have the power to protect themselves or to have a say about their own future.  Children’s charities give children a voice and protect them against the dangers which are not of their creation.  All too often, amongst the politics, the children are forgotten when a conflict breaks out even if they are often caught in the middle.  In natural disasters children are often reliant on others to ensure that they survive.  But if we don’t protect children across the world there isn’t going to be much of a future to come and they aren’t going to have much of a life in the present.  

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