Stylish Journals from Eccolo Ltd.

As we get ready for the kids to head back to school, I find that there is a list what seems like a never ending list of products to get the kids so they are prepared to take the new year on! With Estrella, she is one who enjoys writing, and on her list of school supplies for this year, she has a need for some notebooks to journal in. Well, when it comes to her journals, or anything else for that matter, Estrella wants to stand out, and show her own style, so when we came across the journals from Eccolo Ltd., we knew that we had found journals that can really help Estrella show off her personality!

We chose to review the Chalkboard Journey of Life journal. We like the saying on this journal, which is a saying that Estrella really likes, and I like that it is one more thing we can check off that list of items for back to school! Making the journals from Eccolo Ltd. a new favorite brand of journals for our house! So this year, as you do your back to school shopping, if you are looking to add some individuality into the mix of supplies for the kids, then check out the great selection of products from Eccolo today!

Product received, thank you to Eccolo Ltd. for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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