Personalize the New School Year with Labels from Label Land

With all of the back to school shopping we do, I know that when the kids head off on that first day, we as parents, do not want the items we bought them to get misplaced. We spend hours shopping for that first day, to prepare them not only for the first day of school, but for the start of a new school year, and when they head back, there are other kids, who may have the same items or when our kids go to school, they may misplace items. So for me as a parent, I like to label everything for my kids. I tend to do this as we get supplies, so when that first day comes, they have what they need and they can keep up with their items a lot easier.

This year, with Wyatt, we have discussed letting him go to preschool, so having his items personalized as well is just as important. To help with preparing Wyatt, we were sent a great pack of personalized labels from Label Land to review.

I like that once I found the design I wanted to go with, I was able to personalize the labels with Wyatt’s first and last name. So when it comes to snack time and he needs his sippy cup, his will not get mixed in with the others since he will have his name on his cup!

With the School/Camp Pack of personalized name labels that we were sent, I like that there are lots of labels in this variety pack. The pack includes 100 iron on labels, 30 medium waterproof, 2 bag tags and 14 shoe labels, giving us plenty to ensure that all of Wyatt’s items that he takes to preschool anytime of the year, will be labeled so we can keep up with his items. I also like that this variety pack is not only great to use on Wyatt’s stuff this year, but I can choose from a variety of designs, so I can get labels for the older kids too, so that this year, when we send the kids to school, they can all keep up with their items! So this year, as you do your back to school shopping, don’t forget to add personalized name labels to your list and head on over to Label Land!!

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.
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