Christening Gifts from Grandparents (Guest Post)

Don’t you have any ideas what to
present your grandchild at the christening ceremony? Here are some
interesting and unique ideas on christening gifts for boys and girls
that can be presented by grandparents.

A day when a baby is baptized is a
special day for everyone involved – not just for parents,
godparents and baby. First and foremost, a christening ceremony is a
great chance to celebrate the beginning of the new life in a
spiritual and religious meaning. The gifts baby receives during such
ceremony will be cherished by him or her in a grown-up life that is
why christening gifts from family members have to be special. Who
knows, maybe by giving a gift to your grandson or granddaughter
during his or her christening ceremony you will create a new family
relic that will stay in a family for generations.

The first tip for grandparents is to
present thoughtful and practical
christening gifts
. Trifles, cards and stuffed toys
will do for other occasions but here are some ideas of gifts for a
christening ceremony:

  • A refined or antique silver
    cutlery set – it can include small spoons, forks, plates and other
    different eating utensils;

  • A rosary necklace with a baby’s
    birthstone engraved directly into the pendant. As astrologists say,
    a person wearing his or her birthstone will be auspicious and lucky
    one. Give your grandson or granddaughter a lucky talisman with a
    spiritual meaning;

  • A Bible and a cross make a good
    and definitely meaningful religious gift pair. Despite the fact it
    is a very common christening gift you can make it more personal or
    expensive by adding a gold chain to a cross and a child name
    engraved on Bible;

  • Personalized photo frame is always
    welcomed because it is one of the most memorable christening gifts a
    grown up grandson or granddaughter could use throughout his or her
    life. Make sure a photo frame you choose has a Christian blessing
    on one side and engraving with a child’s name.

As a grandparent you can choose to
present practical christening gifts or money, but it would be better
if your gift would be both useful and sentimental. The main trick is
to choose it with all the love you have to your grandson or

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