Take the Photos from your Mobile Device and Bring them to Life With Sweet Pix Quick

This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own. Thank you to the PR group and the people from Sweet Pix Quick for sponsoring this post!

In today’s world, we seem to find that capturing life as it happens becomes easier and easier. Not only is it easy to capture, but with the smartphones and tablets, sharing those moments in real time, is not only easy, but it is something that has become the way of sharing our lives with family and friends.

The thing is, like many, I have devices, with tons of pictures on them, that have been shared, but that are waiting to be saved, and cherished forever. Sure I can run to the local photo booth and print off some pics, but for those moments that I find, like birthdays and graduations, for those certain pictures, where I want to do more than post on a social network or store in a album, I have found a app where I can display those moments on mounted photo boards, right on the wall of my home! The app is called Sweet Pix Quick.

With the Sweet Pix Quick, I found the free download process to be very easy, and very convenient since I can put the app on any of my iOS devices, so it is ready to use when I find those pictures that need more than to be shared. I also like that I can access my Instagram account, and find pictures that I have shared on there, and get mounted prints for those as well, even if I took the pics from a Android or Windows device!

Once you have the Sweet Pix Quick downloaded, using the app itself is also very easy. First, you go on and choose your set size, which is available in either the Six Pix on 6×6 inch boards, or the Four Pix pack that comes on 8×8 inch boards! Then from there, you go and find the pictures you want to order, either from your device or Instagram, select the pictures, crop, resize, or leave them the way they are. Once the pictures have been found and perfected you pick the mounting board which comes in black and white, then submit the order! Oh, and the photos are safe from water and UV rays, making them pictures you can display for many years to come! When the order is in, the pictures, which were just on your iOS device or in your Instagram account, will be professionally printed off, mounted, then shipped off to you in 7-10 business days!

So those pictures you just took of the kids graduating from a grade level at school, playing at the park, or the pics you took last month during vacation, can be saved, and not only shared on your social networks, but made even more personal and saved, delivered right to your door, and professionally mounted, in about a week! Making Sweet Pix Quick, an app that everyone needs so that those pictures that are on your iOS devices or in your Instagram account, can be displayed in your home, for years to come, and for all to see!

You can find more info on the Sweet Pix Quick app by going here, and you can download your own Sweet Pix App for free by going here today!

This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own. Thank you to the PR group and the people from Sweet Pix Quick for sponsoring this post!
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