Delicious Snacks for Easter (Guest Post)

Be honest,
we all love good food, treats and snacks and Easter is the perfect
time to indulge without guilt. Let’s face it, whether you agree with
the commercialisation of Easter or not, it sure does promise a wealth
of delicious chocolate goodness, which is never a bad thing. But have
you considered making your own? Aside from being great fun, baking
for a theme opens up a world of opportunity, and is great fun for the

If you’re
in need of inspiration, take a look at the range of Easter
desserts from Kraft
. Hip-hop bunny cake, juicy egg jigglers and
fluffy bunny cupcakes sound good? You bet. There’s only one thing for
it – get baking! Let’s take a closer look at some of these
mouth-watering ideas:

Chocolate Cupcakes

Now these
little goodies are sickeningly rich with chocolate goodness and
topped with a beautifully colourful whip to finish. The thing I love
most about these chocolate cupcakes is not just the contrasting icing
colour but the freedom you have to decorate them. You can choose to
use mini marshmallow bunnies or even just make
sugar-coated marshmallow bunnies
and chicks on their own. But the
fun doesn’t stop there, if you’re in the mood for a full on bake-fest
then stock up on all kinds of decorative goodness to create a
collection of original and Easter-ified treats.


brownies is always fun, but even more so when you can get hands on
with cookie cutters at the end – there are some great
examples on eBay
. So you’ve gone through the measuring, mixing
and baking process, and reached the cutting stage. While you
carefully cut chocolate bunny after chocolate bunny, you’ll see a
mound of adorably scrumptious treats pile up before your eyes. But
you aren’t finished there – next up is the icing! You’d think it
would be impossible to make these brownies any more tantalising, but
wait, top with chocolate-coconut frosting and these little creations
will melt in your mouth; yum.

Patch Dessert

but not least to make the list of enviable sweet-toothed goodness is
this pie-like cake. Ok, so my description probably doesn’t do it
justice but I guess I’d describe this cake-making process as similar
to the trifle, requiring you to add layers of dessert elements. The
base of this number is a lining of cake slices. These are then topped
with pie filling and whipped topping before being left to firm up in
the fridge for an hour. Once set, the fun begins; go wild with an
array of jelly beans and other sweet treats and top your dessert with
all your favourites. This part is also great if you’re baking with
the kids, you might just need to make sure the sweets actually make
it on to the cake! 

So there
you have it, my top picks of Easter treat temptation. Chosen for
their simplicity, fun and ease of execution, these unimaginably
delicious bakes are the perfect Easter activity. Anyway, I won’t keep
you any longer – get baking and happy Easter!

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