Finding Our #DisneySide with a Disney Side @Home Celebration

I was sent products to host a Disney Side Party with my family and friends, all opinions are my own.

In my family, Disney plays a huge roll, from the Disney Princess’s that I grew up adoring and sharing with my own daughter to that adorable mouse and his friends who all 3 of my kids adore. Recently, my family and I, were given the chance to let our Disney Side shine and share it with our friends when I was selected to be a Disney Side @Home Celebration Host! When I made the announcement to the family, the kids were ecstatic, they could not wait to see what our kit would include and begin the party planning!

We found a pack of blank t-shirts along with some fabric markers in our kit. Aside from that, we also found some great items so that we could set up a photo booth at our party. The kids also liked all of the party decorations that ranged from the tableware to balloons and hanging decor so that we could really let our Disney Side shine when our guests arrived!

As the time got closer to have our party, Estrella and Robert decided that instead of just drawing on the t-shirts that came in our kit, that we would use a tie-dye kit. We used the fabric markers at the beginning of the party so that everyone could sign the shirts, then once they were all signed, we dyed the shirts and hung them outside for drying while we went on with the party. For the photo booth, the kids decided that it would be fun to use the stickers to put names in, as the guests stood in front of the backdrop to have their pictures taken that we later printed out for the guests to take home with them. Another thing we did as the party began, was put on the Disney Parks Vacation Planning DVD that came in our kit, for the guests to watch as we started our photo booth. Aside from the shirts and photo booth, the kids and I made some snacks to put out using the Mickey Mouse shaped cookie cutters and the cupcake wrappers.

The kids wanted to do something different when it came to the cupcakes, and decorated accordingly, making Mickey Mouse shaped decor designs on the cupcakes with icing on top, then cutting out Mickey shaped cupcakes and making them look like Minnie Mouse by making icing bows on them. They also decided that since we were sent some cranberries, they wanted to make a trail mix and put some in some of the cupcake wrappers for the guests to enjoy during the party! We had fun discussing everything Disney, from our favorite Disney movies, to the different activities families can engage in while on a Disney Parks Vacation! The photo booth, t-shirt decorating, and trivia we played during the party made it so that everyone, including the adults were engaged in activity! In all, everyone had a blast during our Disney Side @Home Celebration Party.

I was sent products to host a Disney Side Party with my family and friends, all opinions are my own.
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  1. joanna garcia
    March 10, 2014 / 9:36 am

    This is so cool! all the kids in my family are obsessed with the mouse! Love the shirt dying idea and the photo booth!

  2. Julie G.
    March 11, 2014 / 1:04 am

    What creative and fun ideas! i bet your family had a great time with it all! Disney is always good for family fun!

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