Finding Joy In K'NEX This Holiday Season (Holiday Guide)

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With the holiday shopping in full gear, I like to find products for my kids that are not only fun, but also get their gears running. One brand that I adore is K’NEX, and with K’NEX products I can find those toys that will keep the kids busy, creating and having fun. Recently I was sent a great set of products that will make this holiday season extra fun! In the pack of products I was sent was a classic that I adore and my kids enjoy playing with, the Tinkertoy. My kids and I can enjoy hours of fun, making fun creations with the Super Tink Building Set! The pieces are durable and with 150 pieces, the things we can create with this set is endless. Robert loves making buildings, the bigger the better, so with this Tinkertoy set, he can build his skyscraper, and Estrella can create fun little creatures, who are ready for an adventure! They can also build vehicles driven by masked heroes and so much more! I like the guide that is included with the set, so we can get so many great ideas and the kids and I can either recreate what we find in the book, or make our own using the ideas as inspiration!

Another fun set of products that my kids and my husband found to be a load of fun building over and over again, as well as watching them go, were the thrill rides and roller coasters! With the K’NEX Roller Coasters, we were able to create our own indoor amusement park, building some great roller coasters and amusement park rides, then watching as the cars on the coasters went round and round. These sets were not only fun to build but the kids found it to be so much fun to watch their roller coaster creations really work, and sitting there watching as the cars went over and over again on the rides, imagining that they were on the rides themselves which made these sets fun for the whole family! I love seeing the kids work together as they put together these K’NEX Thrill Rides products, and seeing those little gears really going in their heads as they constructed an amazing mini amusement park right in our family room make the K’NEX Thrill Rides a perfect set of gifts to put under the tree this year!

With Robert, he has really enjoyed collecting and building the different video game inspired sets, like the sets from the Super Mario collection! We were sent the Ghost House Building Set for Robert and Estrella to build and play with. With this set, once the kids have it all put together, they can have fun creating their own video game scenarios. There is a disk jumper on this set, which allows Mario to run and jump, just like he does in the game! Once he jumps inside the house, he can collect coins and try to avoid any ghosts that the kids can have pop out! The goal, like in the game, is for Mario to get the Star Medal, avoiding being taken down by Big Boo! This is a set that really gets those imaginations going, from the building process to the playing.

Then with the K’NEX Investigating Solar Energy Set and the K’NEX Simple And Compound Machines, we found a whole new look on the K’NEX products we love. Estrella loves science and engineering and she loves to explore and create, so she can experiment and find answers to questions she might have. Being the hands on girl she is, these sets were perfect for her! These were sets that we found to be a great fit for not only her and her friends to build and explore together, but we ultimately found them to find their home in the classroom! They included a teachers guide and CD so that her teacher could look them over and experiment with the products herself before presenting them to the rest of the class. My mom is a teacher and having a daughter of my own, we are huge at encouraging Estrella’s interests in STEM! These great hands on sets make for a product that makes a good fit in the middle school classroom setting as well as a home school setting. There is so much exploration, questions for both teachers to ask and students to find the answers to. In all, we found the entire package of K’NEX products to be a lot of fun, and I like seeing my kids explore and create while having fun with toys, and the products from K’NEX do all of that and more! My kids have fun working together on projects with these sets, playing together and also enjoying the building sets with their friends, building those important social skills. So this year, as you are looking for gifts for your kids, be sure to add K’NEX to the list for your kids and even their classrooms!

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.
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