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Like many households out there, we have a collection of DVD’s, CD’s and games that does seem to get out of control. We will find new movies, music, or games, watch them listen to them or play them, then after so long, they get put on the shelf, then our collection, our shelves get over cluttered with way more movies, CD’s and video games than we know what to do with. We go through them every so often and try to get them under control by swapping out with friends, but all that really does is make it so that we just have a different item taking its place, not reducing the clutter. The solution for me would be to get rid of old CD’s, DVD’s and Video Games, and sell my stuff for cash. So what else can we do? I mean, I am always saying that we will have a garage sale, but those take so much time to organize, and whatever does not sell ends up going back on the shelf, and that leaves me back where I started, trying to figure out what to do with the huge collection of clutter. See, we have a bookshelf that is just for movies, and it is over packed, then we have shelves for the games, which is also over packed and same goes for the shelf in the office for the music. I have tried stacking the movies nicely, and the games as well as the music, but after so long and after we get so many, it does not look too nice. Well, I found a solution, that is much easier than organizing a garage sale, and also takes a lot less time for me. I was recently introduced to an amazing site called Music Magpie. At Music Magpie, I can download this free app to my phone, which can be used for a Android Phone or a iPhone, then I can start scanning my DVD’s, CD’s and Games, send them to Music Magpie using their free shipping service then get cash for those unwanted movies, music and games. If you do not want to download the app, you can enter the barcode on Music Magpie as well. For me that is a win win. I mean, not only will I be getting rid of that unwanted clutter and getting some of my shelf space back, as well as making the shelves look better, but I will be able to make some money on those items that we no longer watch, listen to, or play on our gaming devices! So what are you waiting for? If you are needing some extra money or needing to get rid of some clutter, then head on over to musicMagpie.com today and start selling your unwanted DVD’s, Blu-Rays, CD’s and Video Games for cash!!

This was a sponsored post. All opinions are original and my own, thank you to the PR group and Music Magpie for sponsoring this post for my readers!

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