Child Safety Concerns (Guest Post)

Child Safety Concerns
A child’s safety is of utmost importance to a parent. Our
children rely on us for strength and care. While we can’t protect our children
from every danger in life, there are things we can do to keep them safe from
everyday hazards. There are many safety courses and information packets
available to new parents. You would be surprised at the things we can overlook.

Childproof the house.
Whether you are bringing home a newborn baby or just keeping up with your busy
children, make sure your home is childproofed to the best of your ability. Keep
plastic covers over electric sockets, set the temperature of your hot water
heater to 120 degrees to prevent any scalding or burns, keep smoke alarms and
carbon monoxide detectors in working order. You can also utilize baby gates,
knob covers, appliance locking straps, stove guards and other safety products.
Scan the house regularly for potential hazards, such as small items or toys on
the floor, balloons, magnets, marbles or other choking or tripping risks.

Watch for toy recalls.
Toy recalls are more common than we would like them to be. Sometimes there is a
problem with a few toys during manufacture, but you should heed a recall just
to be safe. The U.S.
Consumer Product Safety Commission is one resource for any toy recalls.
Also, ensure your children are playing with toys appropriate for their age
group. Little pieces can be a choking hazard for toddlers.

Keep up on nutrition and
health needs
. Children can easily become dehydrated if they do not drink
enough, particularly if they are spending a lot of time outside in hot weather.
Never leave your children locked in a car alone, especially during extreme
weather. Have regular checkups to ensure general health and to screen for early
prevention of disease. Ensure your children are getting adequate nutrition for their age group.

Teach your children
about poison risks
. Remember the Mr. Yuck stickers our parents used to
place on household chemicals and other potential poison risk items around the
house? We knew if there was that Mr. Yuck face on something that we shouldn’t
touch it. This is still a great practice to have with your children. If they
are old enough, try to explain some of the dangers of ingesting medications,
household cleaners and the like. Impress the importance of avoiding any product
that has the sticker on it. You can also purchase devices to keep cabinet
doors closed from toddler hands. Even rubber bands work in a pinch.


  1. Laura Lane
    January 18, 2013 / 10:03 pm

    Drinking plenty of water has always been a challenge for us.

  2. Kambrea
    January 20, 2013 / 11:35 am

    We work on the hydration issue here. My daughter ended up in the hospital a couple of years ago from this. She was only 3. It was awful.

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