Keurig Mini Plus (2011 Holiday Gift Guide)

This is the time of year when the weather starts to really cool down, and in some places may even cool down enough for some Fall snow! We had one of those amazing Fall snows this last week, and one thing that I can say that I really enjoy about a good snow fall is having something warm to drink! I am a coffee person and unfortunately for me, I am the only one in the house who is. So when I brew some coffee, I usually end up brewing too much. Or on a cold day, I end up brewing too little, then I brew some more and it ends up being too much. A girl cant get a break it seems. Or at least that is what I have thought in the past. Recently I was sent a Keurig Mini Plus B31 Platinum to review. This is perfect for me to use! I can brew my coffee one cup at a time, so I dont end up over making the coffee, and every cup is fresh!! I find that having fresh coffee is a huge plus. I have always loved that first cup you get from a freshly brewed pot of coffee, and with the Keurig Mini Plus, I can get that amazing fresh, first cup of coffee taste every time! What is even better is that I can make hot water if I want, like for my husband who loves hot tea and hot cocoa. Another plus is that I dont have to wait forever to get my cup of coffee, it only takes a couple of minutes to brew, which is amazing. It is amazing on those mornings when it is cold, I have to get everyone up, and I did not sleep too good the night before. Those are the mornings that getting a cup of fresh hot coffee, is like a bit of heaven in the mornings!! My sister just graduated from nursing school this past Spring and has begun living her life and career as a Nurse. I know that hours for a nurse at a hospital can be very tough, in fact there were times when I worked at the hospital, that I look back on and I wonder, how did I do it. I had a baby, I was a single mom for a little bit there before meeting my husband, I worked twelve hour shifts and I was a full time student. I know that during that time in my life, coffee became my best friend. I had to have it in order to function on a daily basis. So I know how it is for my sister to be starting her career as a nurse and I think this year I will be putting a Keurig Mini under the tree for her!! She may not have kids, but she is one who loved her sleep, and nurses really dont tend to get a whole lot of that, except on their days off!! So this year when you are looking for a great present to get the coffee lover in your life, get them a Keurig Mini Plus, I know I have enjoyed having one and I am pretty sure my sister will appreciate one just as much!!

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  1. Laura Lane
    November 3, 2012 / 4:14 pm

    My hubby really wants a Keurig.

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