Marley & Me: Top Toys for Dogs

Toys for Dogs

the box office smash hit of Marley and Me, the world’s most
misbehaved dog returns in
a loveable pint size puppy that spends the summer with his owner
Bodie Grogan who has to live with his strict veteran grandfather as
they wreak havoc in the neighborhood dog contest in this fantastic
adventure filled with fun, laughs, and love. Since Marley in his pup
years tears anything he finds in his way to shreds we got to thinking
of the top five best toys for dogs, which will keep him or her
entertained for hours.


Dog truly loves tennis balls especially if it has a squeaker in it,
even though they can get really dirty pretty fast and shredded up by
your dog pretty easily if they are like Marley. Nevertheless a tennis
ball is a great toy that all dogs enjoy to chase after and chew on.

Fresh n Floss spearmint 2-knot bone

Marley loves getting into toilet bowls this chew toy is a perfect toy
that is great for every dog because it cleans a dog’s mouth. The
Booda Fresh n floss Spearmint 2 knot bone is simply not just another
chew rope, as this toy helps your dog’s dental hygiene. As your dog
chews the toy it helps clean their teeth and gums as well freshen
their breath with its durable cotton strands that act as floss that
contains fluoride and baking soda within the rope so your dog and
enjoy as well clean their teeth at the same time.

It Ball Launcher

epically like Marley love to chase things and what better toy than
the Chuck it ball launcher to get your dog running after tennis
balls. With a tennis ball the chuck it ball launcher allows you to
launch the ball from 100 to 140 feet and never have to reach down and
pick up the slimy ball your dog has just retrieved. This is a must
have for any dog owners whose dogs love chasing after tennis balls.

Dog Toy

we have seen Marley can virtually tear anything to shreds but fear
not dog owners the Kong Dog Toy is virtually indestructible that’s
why if your dog happens to be like Marley the Kong dog toy is perfect
as it is extremely durable and cleans the teeth and gums of your dog
as well. The Kong Dog Toy is considered as one of the best dog toys
ever made.

the Chicken

all know dogs love squeaky toys that’s why Henrietta the chicken
rounds out our list as one of the most popular dog toys today that is
sure to make all dog owners laugh as well makes for a great squeak
toy for your dog.


  1. Caitlyn
    August 15, 2011 / 7:33 am

    My little pal, Lexi would definitely love to sink her teeth into these toys but our big girl, Fleago would have them to bits in 10 minutes. She's a little, uhmm, exuberant with her playthings!!

  2. Laura Lane
    November 5, 2012 / 1:21 pm

    That chicken is funny.

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