It's Time for Me Time!!!

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As many moms out there know, “me time” can seem like a fictional phrase, non existent. The thing is, with out me time things can be more stressful on you and if you are stressed so is your family. Taking time out for yourself as a mother is very important. It may seem that you dont have a moment to spare in your daily routines. Between school, play time, cleaning, sports and the many other tasks that moms are consumed with, finding even a minute to step away and be alone can be a task all in its own. You know the saying that says if momma isnt happy, no one else is happy? Well its true, you have to be happy in order for the rest of your house to be happy. With that being said you may be asking yourself, “Where am I supposed to find this necessary “Me Time”?” I personally make sure that I get my me time every day. My me time is in the evenings, once the kids have gone to bed and I have finished cleaning up. I like to just stop and concentrate on myself. I might make some hot tea and sit outside and enjoy the quiet. Or on cold nights, get my tea and find a book or a movie and just enjoy the time to myself. Time where I am not worrying about the kids and the house. Time to just let go of the day and relax. On the weekends when the kids are outside playing and my husband is home, I take time to myself away from the house. Whether I just go for a walk by myself, or go and get a pedicure. Any time that I have my “Me Time”, I take full advantage of it and I enjoy it. I know that there are moms who have not had a “Me Time” in quite a while, and may not know how to enjoy a time alone and may not know what they would do. Well, try and think about what you enjoy. What is relaxing for you? Maybe a nice warm bath with the door locked and the music on? I love those! I try to change up my me times, so it does not seem so routine. But some may like to keep it routine, and that is not a bad thing. As long as the time you take for your “Me Time” is relaxing and enjoyable!

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  1. Laura Lane
    November 12, 2012 / 2:30 am

    That is a good idea.

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